Penni Zelinkoff goes within the lives of REAL people who overcame REAL issues.

This show will uplift and empower you to do the great things you were meant to do in this world! Get ready to be inspired, take notes and most importantly take action!

In this episode, PenniZ will open up about her personal journey and how she overcame life-changing experiences in her past. She will share how she became more aware and removed bad experiences. Learn how she created awareness and a future vision for her life.







“It really is getting ourselves right in our heads, hearts, and minds in order to have a happy, joyful, and calm life” - PenniZ from @ThePenniZShow Click To Tweet “We all have experiences in our childhood that shape us” - PenniZ from @ThePenniZShow Click To Tweet “It’s in the quiet moments of your life that you really discover yourself” - PenniZ from @ThePenniZShow Click To Tweet


Time Stamps:

  • 00:50 – PenniZ’s backstory and personal journey
  • 04:04 – “We all have experiences in our childhood that shape us” – PenniZ 
  • 07:28 – How to be more aware and remove the bad experiences
  • 13:06 – Changing your awareness through nutrition
  • 20:15 – Creating a future vision for your life


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