Penni is a wonderful host – beautiful, thoughtful, kind, brilliant. She shows up in full presence and creates a safe container for content that is not always easy to talk about. She invokes a real, raw and truthful conversation. I wish we would have had more time together. I look forward to returning to her podcast. Thank you so much for having me as a guest.

Joya P. Gallasch

PenniZ is an animated, talented, and informed interviewer who makes her guests look like stars. Anyone who has the opportunity to be on her show, should definitely do so!! I know I’m glad I did.

Dr. Gayle Carson

Penni is an awesome, heart-centered business leader and it was a privilege to be a guest on her show!

Lauren Cohen

Penni hosts an informative podcast that will make an impact in your life and business! She does a great interview and brings out the brilliance in everyone she speaks with. I loved being on her show, in her life and part of her community! Lisa Thomas – Energy Healing Expert

Lisa Thomas

“Having known PenniZ for years, I can assure you she connects with her audience and motivates them to take action. Her keynote speeches are powerful and deliver a compelling message, leaving her audience members motivated and empowered. From years of speaking and training within the United States Junior Chamber and Junior Chamber International Organizations, PenniZ has the ability to customize her presentations and meet the needs of her specific audiences as requested. She has a great work ethic, is a very positive person, and I would strongly encourage any organization to work with her as she will leave things stronger than where they were before engaging with her.”

Scott GreenleeLansing, MI

“Many of the people I worked with said they would like to have a positive influence on other peoples lives, but PenniZ is one of those people who just does it and I love that about her.  She uses her natural leadership to help people understand what they need to do and then just get it done. And I think her presence and her personality naturally make people want to be around her and once they spend time with her it is very natural to see the positive effect she has on their lives “

Chuck BaumanSt. Louis, MO

“PenniZ is one of the most vibrant and fun people you will ever meet!  Her laughter and good attitude are contagious.  Spending time with PenniZ is a joy.”

Ken HolmesColumbia, SC

“PenniZ is an engaging speaker whose enthusiasm rubs off on her audience. Her knowledge of the subject matter shows in her presentation and she leaves her listeners ready to go out and get to work.”

Bob COneonta, NY

“PenniZ has a passion for positivity, introspection, personal growth, and altruism.  PenniZ’s personality warms those with whom she comes into contact as she generously shares the wisdom she’s garnered from her life’s journey.  PenniZ provides invaluable support for all who seek to deepen awareness of their unique purpose.  Her blend of wisdom and humility are a refreshing combination that makes each encounter an enriching experience!”

Cheryl GraysonClearwater, FL

“I believe PenniZ has a very unique combination of high energy, great smile, communication skills, and what I perceive to be really true compassion for others.  [This] has allowed her to have a positive effect on other peoples lives in a way that seems almost effortless to her.  She just does what it is that she does and the people around her seem to get better for it.  I admire that and I respect it and I am very glad that she uses her superpowers for good and not for evil.  I don’t think I can say enough good things about her.  I love her.  I respect her.  I love the work she does.”

Chuck BaumanSt. Louis, MO

“PenniZ is charismatic with her bright style and enthusiasm! She has successfully overcome adversities throughout her life and willingly shares her story to help others. She openly and honestly discusses her journey to re-establish positive feelings of self-worth. I easily connected with her and was eager to apply her messages to myself. Thanks so much PenniZ.”

LJ PrumOrange County, CA