Kristin Royce is a loving wife to her husband and two daughters.

She spent ten years as a public school educator and earned her Masters degree in School Improvement Leadership.

During the show, Kristen will reveal her less than turning point story. She’ll share how physical activity and sports impacted her life. Listen to the end to learn how your past to improve your future.



“You can have control of your life” - Kristin Royce from @NYNHPodcast Click To Tweet “We can’t just drag the things from the past forward because then we'll never become the people that we want to become” Kristin Royce from @NYNHPodcast Click To Tweet

Time Stamps:

  • 02:23 – Kristin’s Background story
  • 03:52 – Less than turning point moments
  • 07:05 – The importance of physical activity and sports
  • 12:11 –  Learning from your past to improve your future

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