Kathy Neubauer is a Certified Speaker, Coach, and Trainer of the John Maxwell Team.

She brings with her more than 20 years of leadership, mentoring and coaching skills from her previous career in the Managed Healthcare Insurance Industry. Kathy’s passion is to help individuals and couples find their way to seek happiness while opening up life-changing opportunities that they’ve never seen before.

During this episode, Kathy shares specific ways on how she overcame a failed marriage and the impact it had on her children. She’ll identify the major lessons learned and how she overcame these experiences with positive techniques.

Find out if it’s too late to overcome your bad experience to live a life full of pure happiness.



“It’s really ironic how a person can feel ‘less than’ and still be successful in a career” - Kathy Neubauer Click To Tweet “I pushed myself because I had to for my kids” - Kathy Neubauer Click To Tweet “In order to feel happy you have to like yourself” - Kathy Neubauer Click To Tweet

Time Stamps:

  • 03:10 – Kathy’s betrayal in her marriage
  • 05:35 – “I pushed myself because I had to for my kids” – Kathy Neubauer
  • 07:38 – How to discover a way out of bad experiences
  • 09:53 – Identify the biggest lessons learned
  • 13:53 – Handling recurring bad feelings with specific techniques
  • 19:01 – Is it too late to overcome a terrible experience?

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