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Ronica Brown is a Business Tax Expert who helps business owners save from $5K to over $200K on their taxes.

Ronica is a certified public accountant (CPA) and business owner who is driven by her love for entrepreneurship. At the age of 16, she already had her own business which started a lifetime career. Her passion is to help others with their business through efficient solutions to suit their needs.

During this episode, Ronica walks us through the journey of how she was able to come out of her shell and confidently express her thoughts. She encourages the listeners not to be afraid of committing mistakes because it may only hold us back from bringing out the best in us. If you have been hiding away all your ideas because of the fear of rejection, listen in and be inspired!

“You need to speak up” – @RonicaBrownCPA Click To Tweet


Time Stamps:
• 01:27 – Ronica Brown’s Bio
• 04:02 – The Roots of her Reservations
• 11:11 – “It’s okay to be wrong” – Ronica Brown
• 13:35 – “You need to speak up” – Ronica Brown
• 14:57 – Building her confidence
• 15:35 – “Be the Commander-in-Chief for yourself” – Ronica Brown
• 18:08 – Confidence is the key
• 20:03 – Looking into the core of the problem
• 22:08 – Tax Planning Guru
• 26:22 – Ronica Brown Agency