“God is leading me through this journey.” – @MCalloway_AR Click To Tweet

Michelle Calloway is the Founder and CEO of REVEALiO, Inc., an innovative software solutions company specializing in augmented reality interactive experiences.

Michelle is also a Speaker and an International Bestselling Author who is driven to success in response to a calling she believes has been placed in her life. Her goal is to make these augmented reality experiences accessible and affordable for everyone, to enhance human relationships, and empower business owners to have more impact, influence, and income.

During this episode, Michelle shares her remarkable shift away from her inferiority complex which eventually led her to open up new possibilities. She also explains what her business does and its impact to the tech world. She believes that it is important to keep the human connection despite all these advancements in technology.

“It is important to keep human connection at the core of it all.” – @MCalloway_AR Click To Tweet


Time Stamps:
• 01:15 – Michelle’s introduction and background
• 02:21 – Launch of her 6th book
• 04:14 – Overcoming inferiority complex
• 08:13 – The mindset shift
• 14:43 – Realization of her worth
• 18:42 – Tech with a Heart
• 19:42 – “God is leading me through this journey.” – Michelle Calloway
• 21:09 – What is REVEALiO?
• 27:03 – “There are people out there to help you with your shift.” – Michelle Calloway
• 27:07 – “It is important to keep human connection at the core of it all.” – Michelle Calloway
• 28:32 – Her Free Gift