“We have to exercise our ‘confidence’ muscles consistently.” - @JuliAnnStitick Click To Tweet

JuliAnn Stitick is a personal brand expert, motivational speaker, and a three-time author, who helps unite personal brand, company culture, and customer experience.

JuliAnn has a unique ability to unite a brand’s core purpose with its ideal customer so the brand attracts, connects and converts new clients. She holds a tight niche in the branding marketplace through her unconventional approach that blends brand expression at a sensory level, personal confidence enhancement, and individualized personal development.

During the episode, JuliAnn reveals her traumatic experience and her unique way of moving past that. She shares some tips and techniques on how to move beyond trauma and change one’s mindset in order to unleash that power and confidence.

“We have control of everything moving forward.” - @JuliAnnStitick Click To Tweet


Time Stamps:
• 01:14 – Who is JuliAnn Stitick?
• 02:28 – JuliAnn’s Books
• 03:34 – Her “I’m Not Enough” story
• 06:24 – Separation of Trauma and Reactions
• 07:49 – The Box Method
• 09:55 – “We have to exercise our ‘confidence’ muscles consistently.” – @JuliAnnStitick
• 11:33 – Moving beyond Trauma
• 11:55 – “You are not alone.” – @JuliAnnStitick
• 17:34 – How she became who she is now
• 17:52 – “We have control of everything moving forward.” – @JuliAnnStitick
• 20:20 – Words of wisdom for the listeners
• 20:52 – How to get a free copy of her book